Course Description

Suitable for aspiring travel agents or as refresher training, this Galileo course will equip you with a range of core skills. You will learn how to research and sell flights, work with booking files and price an itinerary. Additional modules provide training in e-ticketing and car and accommodation reservations.

Course number D0021
Course name Certificate in Galileo eLearning
Course duration Maximum 12 months
Delivery Method Online
Assessments Practical Assessments
Awarded by
  • Galileo by Travelport (Provider number: None)

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

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  • Air 1: Getting Started with Galileo
  • Air 2: Check Availability and Sell Flights
  • Air 3: Build a Booking File
  • Air 4: Add Passenger Services
  • Air 5: Work with Itineraries
  • Air 6: Retrieve and Change a Booking File
  • Air 7: Price an Itinerary
  • Air 8: Display Fares and Rules
  • Air 9: Manage Booking Files on a Queue
  • FRS 1: Open/Passive/Waitlist Segments
  • FRS 2: Divide/Repeat Booking File
  • FRS 3: Enhanced Booking File Servicing
  • FRS 4: Claim PNR (Passenger Name Record)
  • Basic Ticketing 1: Issue a Ticket
  • Basic Ticketing 2: Working with Ticket Modifiers
  • Basic Ticketing 3: Working with Tour and Net Remit Modifiers
  • Basic Ticketing 4: Build Manual Fare for Ticket Issuance
  • Further Ticketing 1: Working with Electronic Ticket Data
  • Further Ticketing 3: Exchange Ticket
  • Quickhits 1: Auto Refund - Calculate Refund Amount
  • Quickhits 2: Auto Refund - Complete Refund Mask
  • Quickhits 3: Electronic Ticket Revalidation
  • Quickhits 4: Exchange Ticket Fare Revalidation
  • Quickhits 6: Fare Quote with Specific Fare Basis
  • Hotels 1: Reference sell hotels using Viewpoint
  • Hotels 2: Direct sell hotels using Viewpoint
  • Hotels 3: Modify and cancel hotels using Viewpoint
  • Hotels 4: Use maps in Viewpoint
  • Cars 1: Reference sell cars using Viewpoint
  • Cars 2: Direct sell cars using Viewpoint
  • Cars 3: Modify and cancel cars using Viewpoint
  • Cars 4: Display car vendor index and description using Viewpoint

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Included materials

  • Clue Cards (1-page quick reference guides to commonly used cryptic formats)
  • Ask Travelport (Galileo's online troubleshooting tool, with over 6000 Galileo question and answers)
Open Colleges offers this qualification in association with Galileo by Travelport (Provider number: None). The testamur will be issued by Galileo by Travelport.

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